What is the Difference Between an Online Teen Driver Ed class and and an Onsite Teen Driver Ed classroom/course?
THIS IS A QUESTION WE GET ASKED ALL THE TIME. tHERE ARE SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE MAKING YOUR DECISION. tHE #1 CONSIDERATION ARE INSURANCE DISCOUNTS. yOU WILL RECEIVE NONE IF YOU TAKE AN ONLINE AND/OR PARENT TAUGHT COURSE. tHE MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANIES (I.E. ALLSTATE, STATE FARM, FARMERS, ETC.) WILL ONLY GIVE INSURANCE DISCOUNTS to those students that take an onsite,in-class course. When your son or daughter takes the full teen driver education course with us, they are eligible to receive 15% in insurance discounts for 3 years with 10% carrying over until age 21 for ladies and age 25 for men (as long as they maintain a clean driving record).
The #2 consideration is the fact that online providers are marketing to a national audience. They don't know, or care, how the texas dps handles the dps permit test and especially the dps road test. these are the key areas where they don't provide customer service to step you through the process. their customer service representatives are trained only to sell courses--not to provide service after the sale. This is where the rubber meets the road. courtesy conducts the permit test onsite on the 3rd day of class. on the 5th day the student receives the de964 form allowing him/her to go to the dps to get their permit and on that day we explain to the student, in great detail (1) how to get their permit and (2) how to do all the driving with courtesy and the parent/s.
we have a lot of parents call us wishing to transfer from the online provider to us for several reasons:
     (1) the student is not taking the subject seriously
     (2) the student is not completing the course in a timely manner and
     (3) The parent does not want to drive the student during the first critical hours of driving.
We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and please call us at 281-392-4646 if you have any questions.

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